The Court of Judicial Discipline of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was established by Constitutional Amendment adopted on May 18, 1993 and declared in effect by the Governor's Office on August 11, 1993. The Court of Judicial Discipline has jurisdiction over all judicial officers in Pennsylvania, and must hear and decide formal charges which are filed against a judicial officer. Judicial officers include all District Justices; Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas, the Commonwealth Court and the Superior Court and Justices of the Supreme Court. The Court of Judicial Discipline has the authority to impose sanctions, ranging from a reprimand to removal from office, if the formal charges are sustained.

The initial members of the Court were appointed during the fall of 1993 and sworn in on November 23, 1993, with terms dating back to August 16, 1993. The Court's permanent offices are located at 200 North Third Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Diet Supplement Vitacost.com Inc Faces Accusations Over Pre-Workout Drink

Nutritional supplement company vitacost was accused just this Monday of patent infringement in the Texas Federal Court. The patent-assertation company filed the accusations regarding a beverage designed for pre-workout with a glutaric acid compound in the sale of Vitacost’s nutritional supplement products. The complainant in this case is Harcol Research LLC, a company that specializes in a diverse range of beverages. The complainant that accused Vitacost.com Inc has mentioned their plan to seek remedy with the Court of Judicial Discipline of this initial accusation fails to get the desired remedy for this dispute.

The accusation currently falls under the jurisdiction of the Texas federal court system where it will be decided upon if the complaint has merit. If found to be meritorious then the court will decide on the appropriate remedy. If the Texas federal court dismisses the accusation then Harcol Research LLC will seek redress with a Superior Court. The basis of the current accusation filed by the complainant is mainly the U.S. Patent 5,817,364, which is entitled “Beverage Containing Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid and Method of Making” with products including energy blend beverages. The product that is the subject of the complaint fits this category and it is expected that the deciding court with the jurisdiction for this accusation will primarily base their decision on the relevant legal provisions of the U.S. Patent 5,817,364.

Harcol Research LLC has stated that vitacost violated the patent infringement doctrine when they used the Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid derivative in duplicating the product and violating Harcol Research LLC’s patent. The complainants seek to prove that vitacost is guilty of patent infringement and should not be allowed to sell the product in question. Harcol Research LLC is claiming that the accused company has used several similar components for their nutritional supplement product which is a violation of the U.S. Patent laws. The complainant company in this case Harcol Research LLC believes the court will find merit in their accusation but is prepared to raise this matter to the Court of Judicial Discipline if the lower court should decide otherwise.

The complainant company is hoping the lower court of Texas finds merit in their accusation and gives appropriate relief so they will not have to escalate this vital legal matter to a Superior Court. Vitacost’s legal team will of course be expected to justify that their client company is not guilty of patent infringement and is selling a unique product that they have researched and developed before release into the market. It will be up to the court who has jurisdiction to try this case and consider which company has more merit before deciding. Both parties have their arguments but ultimately it is up to the courts.

Save Money On Supplements With A Vitacost Free Shipping Coupon Code

We have been supplementing since my husband and I got our first jobs back in late 90s, when I was expecting our first son. My doctor had recommended me some natural nutrition supplements and had told us to look for discount coupons in the sunday paper prior going to the health food store, in order to save as much as we could. We would then have to go down town to find one of the very few health food stores back then. Now, the last 5 years, we've been buying our supplements online. John has subscribed to various deal sites and has found a vitacost coupon code which saves us around 20%. Besides that, when the order exceeds $100, which always does, we are eligible of the vitacost free shipping benefit. I have estimated that we save around $600 annually by purchasing online.

Don't Spend Much For Dieting Products

Like almost anyone else, I took a few pounds during christmas. I read in weightloss blogs that kidney extract helps a lot when you want to lose 4-6 pounds in about a month. Few people, though, know what that is. White bean kidney extract is an organic nutritional product used to suppress carbohydrates intake in diets. These supplements are extracted from gelatin capsules for purposes of suppressing body appetite and blocking carbohydrates absorption in the digestive system. Of course, even this product is subject to discount in vitacost.com with the use of the right promo code.

Benefits of White Bean Extract

White kidney extracts facilitate weight loss from the body. Precisely, the capsules are genetic extracts from gelatin capsules; making them natural. Moreover, white beans extract are easily digestible and require a short duration; two weeks to complete the 200 capsules taken daily. Notably, these nutritional capsules produce loss of weight within the two weeks of intake. The kidney bean nutritional supplements halt blocks of fat cells from being generated within the digestive tract. The nutritional supplements are manufactured in the US where they have undergone stringent quality assurance checks before being approved for consumption. Further, white bean renal acting extract are nutritional supplements in form of organic extracts which have undergone purity assessment; therefore, do not produce side effects or other toxic reactions when ingested.

Advantages of Using White Bean Kidney Extract

First, they are natural products which act upon weight loss in the body. Next, the beans capsules act on the digestive system and suppress food appetite; thereby, decreasing the users portion intake. The weight loss capsules can be used after periods of indulgence after holidays to cut off extra weight. The nutritional supplements possess high potency and are highly concentrated in content. This weight loss bean extracts can be easily purchased online and shipping charges on the product are non-existent.


White bean weight loss capsules require daily intake over duration of time for weight loss to be effective. The weight loss extract is made into capsule form; this compels individuals to create a routine outside of normal diet for taking the capsules. Additionally, capsules resemble medication used in hospitals for treatment, should they have been in forms such as drinks, they could form better options to persons who do not like taking capsules. The marketing strategy that is used for the weight loss supplements create general perception of issuing three bottles of the 200 capsules containing 1000 mg of concentrate; on purchasing the product one bottle is issued.


Cost of White Beans Supplements and Free Shipping Coupon

The 90-day supply bottle which contains 200 capsules of one thousand milligrams when served attracts pricing of $17.95 from online sellers. There is the one kidney weight loss extract which contains 120 capsules and is priced at $14.89. If you buy 2 bottles and use a vitacost coupon you get free shipping.

March Coupon Code For Live Superfoods

Hello guys! Austin here with one more discount deal. This time it is a Live Superfood coupon code that I found online the other day when I was about to place an order for our monthly supplements and I was looking for a discount code online. Now, from all the e-shops and supplement vendors, why did I chose Livesuperfoods.com? Well, apart from the regular discount coupons they give to their customers, the answer is simple:

We live in a world full of estrogen, and it is very important to do our best to limit our exposure to chemical estrogenic components as much as possible. As we age our testosterone levels drop and we feel the effects of low testosterone in our bodies, such as depression, losing muscle tone, loss of libido, decrement in energy and motivation, lowered physical strength, getting fat, etc. Synthetic estrogen may cause breast cancer in women, testicular and prostate cancer in men, and it is mostly found in cosmetic products: soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, shaving cream, etc.

Because of all the negative consequences of synthetic estrogen, weI started making my own soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, and other necessary cosmetic products from coconut oil. My favorite coconut oil is Nature's Way EfaGold Coconut oil. Nature's Way EfaGold Coconut oil is made out of 100% coconuts, and it doesn't contain any genetically modified elements. The best part of this amazing product is, it doesn't go under any type of manufacturing process that could destroy the healthy, natural coconut elements, and it is not refined, bleached, or it has any unwanted substances like hexane, solvents, or trans fats. I make my own deodorant from Nature's Way EfaGold Coconut oil with soda bicarbonate and corn starch, and it is as effective as the rest of the deodorants, of course without all the harmful chemicals. Also, my wife and daughter love it as it removes makeup; it softens their skin, and it is very effective for dry hair.

I have tried many online stores for organic coconut oil, and my favorite online supplier so far is livesuperfoods.com. Live super foods provides us with a plenitude of organic vegan products from all the world's best manufacturers. LiveSuperfoods has available all the necessary vitamins, minerals, supplements, antioxidants, meal replacements, teas, personal care products, and the best offer of highly nutritious products. That is, not the best part; the best part is the never ending discount coupons. I got 50% of the original price from an online coupon for organic coconut oil. Another benefit of using live super foods is, they don't charge for transportation costs if you order products over $50. With the available discount coupons, that is, a lot of products.

The Nature's Way EfaGold Coconut oil is $17 on Amazon, but on live super foods you can buy it for $12. You save $5. The coupon codes are available on many websites, just google live super foods discount coupons. Another way, you can save money on live super foods is simply by signing up to their email list, and you get all the news and discounts on time. Lastly, their e-shop accepts all credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Summer Promo Codes For Zenni Optical Sunglasses

Hello! Summer is here once again and I am super excited! Time for some fancy accessories to go with my summer clothes. I've already bought a new pair of sunglasses; this time from the internet. After looking in almost every optical shop here in Davenport, I searched online for a pair that wouldn't cost a fortune as usually do. I found zennioptical.com, a vendor who offers a wide variety of frames and lenses, low cost shipping and coupon option. I could virtualy try the glasses from my PC and see which one suit me better.

There are several current Zenni optical coupons available at 50% off discounts. All the products such as kids glasses and frames are shipped freely at zenni. This is an amazing company that puts the needs of the clients into consideration. Clients can receive 30% off on all kids’ orders. The latest offers include kids Trivex lenses and women’s glasses all available at fair prices of around $9.95 and kid’s frames are $6.95 respectively.

You can also receive Free Tint with $14.95+ glasses order. There are around 3 current coupon codes available today for all clients. Get your code today and be part of those who have enjoyed 30% off on kid’s day. The company offers extensive glasses and frames collections at affordable prices plus attractive promotional coupons just lasting for this children’s day. Frames are available at only $6.95. Sign up your orders via email today and be part of clients that have received this attractive discounts only available at their newsletters. However, if you want to buy glasses right now and need a promo code for zenni optical let me know, and I will email you one of the recent discount codes they send me weekly.

Woman Saves $5000 Using Coupons

From spending an average of $13,000 per year on groceries and non-food items, last year Harriet spent only $8000 saving an incredible $5000, just by using coupons, planning her meals and sale shopping!

Her strategy is unexpectedly simple. On Sundays, she spends one and a half hours doing the following.

  1. Clipping coupons from the one Sunday paper she gets;
  2. Looking through the Kroger and HT deal lists and the main posts on the Smart Shopper blog for her online coupons;
  3. Also checks Kroger mailed coupons from various magazines
  4. Writes up her grocery list
  5. Makes up her meal plan

And that is it.

Harriet's has a family of 4, two adults and two children, one child in elementary school, and one in preschool.

Once Harriet has finished couponing, she organizes all the coupons she needs and goes shopping. On average, she spends approximately $150 per week, this includes food, cleaning supplies, adult beverages, diaper pull-ups and paper products.

She does her shopping at either Harris Teeter or Kroger; this helps to save about 50% each week. Her breakdown is normally about $70 at Harris Teeter and $40 at Kroger every week.

The most challenging things for her is the time it takes to keep a frugal budget. She does not use many packaged foods, making a lot of her food from scratch. It also means using dried beans instead of canned. To help manage her time, she freezes a lot of their meals.

When it comes to couponing, the most time-consuming task is organizing all the coupons before going shopping.

She is a great fan of rain checks, especially those from Harris Teeter. You can get some great deals by combining rain checks and coupons. An at places like Harris Teeter and Food Lion, rain checks do not expire.

Harriet does not use many printable coupons. She could get even more savings if she starts using printing out coupons and cash back sites (like SavingStar and Checkout51).

Protection Of Your PC Gets Cheaper With Norton Discount Codes

Many computers and phones crash due to high number of viruses that seek to destroy and slowly lower the computers life. It is through these problems that highly trained computer professionals have managed to come up with world class anti-virus software that seeks to scan, clear and inform people about the safety of their computer all the time. The Norton Security is taking the lead in the computers and technology world as powerful anti-virus software that protects and improves the quick functionality of computers.

How Much Does It Cost And How Much You Can Save With A Norton Discount Coupon

Its market price is affordable for everyone. Norton security will cost you $ 34.507 for one device running for a period of one year. This comes with an enjoyable 20% discount that will ensure you get better package at a reduced price in order to experience greatness when it comes to protecting your devices and data from any harmful viruses, identify theft, online threats and financial scams. If you search for a valid norton discount code online you will definitely come up with several known coupon sites which will provide you with either promo codes or a discount link which will take you directly to a cart.

Basic Technical Details

The software has the best technical features that make it highly preferable and unique from other antivirus softwares in the market. It detects malicious files and alerts you of any unwanted files that could harm your mobile device. Its great technical features have also been upgraded to protect Smartphones, android phones and tablets ensuring that users can enjoy their top quality devices at all times. The new Norton security backup has the ability of perfectly pinpointing stolen phones or tablets.

What Customers Say About Norton Security

User’s reviews indicate the Norton security 2015 with backup as one of the most reliable and perfect antivirus software of the modern times. It is effective and many of its users will enjoy more of its great functions and how it has been improved to perform quickly and creatively scan, detect, protect and inform users about threats that may crash their Smartphones or computers. It is termed as a great modern innovation that improves the computers world.